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Fox's Avatar

Fox is the owner, main administrator, and head developer of RTDGaming.


The Fox is an elusive creature. When able to micspam is known to frequent a single clip of Squirtle.
It is also extremely rare for the Fox to speak. see myths below
On one occasion at least the Fox was caught by the Kilandor to have spoken. The shock and disbelief was so great it is greatly believed this could have not been the true Fox.

If a new roll is released, it is frequently seen that Fox spawns numerous amounts of it on the given map. It is believed to be a way of introducing the new roll to the people of the server. Some of the most memorable incidences include Cow and Bear Trap rolls.


Elvis Fox

Some theories include that he is mute, has nothing good to say, or is actually an Overweight Elvis and in a Mac Earbud Fiery Rage broke his mic and unbound his talk key.

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