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An unusual roll enhances the roll's base attributes giving it either a stronger effect or an increase to the amount of deployables.
There is a 3% chance of obtaining an unusual either through: regular rolling, purchasing a roll or gifted rolls. The Lady Trinket can grant up to an additional 4% chance in obtaining an unusual roll!

Unusual Effects

Roll Unusual Effects
Timed Rolls +15s
Armor 1000 Armor
Backpack 10 ammo packs and 10 health packs
Backpack Blizzard Still Not Implemented
Buffed Health 12x hp buff over max health
Collateral Damage Splash damage force is increased to 35%
Cloak Regen 3x faster regen
Health Regen Regenerates health +25HP/s
Ammo Regen Regenerates ammo 2x faster
Sentry Builder Drop 6 mini sentries
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