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Treasure Chests are serious business


A Treasure Chest is a rare drop obtained from killed enemies.
They are equipable giving the wearer a chance to acquire loot on kill.

  • Treasure chests have a 6% chance of spawning when a Big Present drops.
  • There is a 30 second cooldown before the Treasure Chest will allow loot to be dropped.

Treasures within

Treasure Chests cannot be opened instead they spawn a coin or a dice on enemy kill.

Loot Drop Rate Details
Empty ex.png Nothing 50% Delicious emptiness
Coin 02.png Coin 45% up to 5 credits
Dice empty.png Dice 5% 1 Dice

In the near future Treasure Chests will be able to drop more items

Rarity: Common Coin Drop

The amount of coins received from a coin depend on several factors:

  • Who had the Treasure Chest equipped, the Killer or the Assister?
  • Who picked up the coin, the player with the treasure Chest or some other player?

Killer Assister
Credits 5 3

If someone else other than the owner of the chest picks up the coin then that player
receives 1 Credit and the owner gets the rest

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