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Cost:Unable to Buy
Duration:20 seconds



Nearby enemies will get hurt. The closer they are the stronger the damage dealt. This effect will also hurt enemy players through walls, including inside of their spawn.


Toxic can apply damage to any enemy that is within 500 units.

damageAmount = RoundFloat(-0.04*distance + 20.0);

Maximum damage is -20HP


While under the effects of toxic, try to get near enemy players without being in direct view of them. As the toxic effect works though walls and floors, it is very good to hurt the enemy team from around a corner or from a different room. Use this at chokepoints to clear the path ahead for your team. Buying instant kills when you roll toxic is extremely powerful - it has rarely, if ever, been used in game.


Scouts are one of the best classes to use with toxic. As the roll does not require you to aim, only to be near your enemies, you can quickly run to the front lines, and run around your enemies - the constant barrage of damage will mess up their aim at you. This is especially effective while under the effects of Bonk! Atomic Punch. Using the Crit-a-Cola with Toxic will make your toxic more effective, but be careful that your enemies don't catch you in their fire. Use the Mad Milk to quickly gain health with toxic. Also, the Force-a-Nature is useful for force-jumping up to high ledges or other floors, attacking the enemy from a flank.


The Soldier is semi-useful with toxic, as the hard hitting force of his rockets combined with the Damage over Area effect proves to be very powerful. If you roll toxic as a soldier, rocket jump up to the front lines, and use your rockets to pick off more powerful targets (heavies, other soldiers, etc). Alternatively, you can stay around a corner and use your rocket launcher/shotgun to pick off any enemies trying to kill you before the toxic gets them. Make sure to rocket jump early, as the 20 seconds of toxic are extremely valuable.


Pyro's class abilities do not complement toxic very well. While it is true that he is a faster class, and can get to enemies more quickly with toxic, his playstyle, that of close-quarter combat, is rendered useless with toxic's effects. However, if in a tight room, don't hesitate to set your enemies on fire, throwing off their aim and ensuring your toxicity does its deadly work.


Similar to the Soldier, you should sticky jump to the front lines when you roll toxic. Pick off your more powerful enemies with grenades, or use the cover the toxic provides to lay some sticky traps. Remember that the power of toxic is useful, not only for gaining many kills, but for clearing out a chokepoint, and giving your team a foothold into the enemy's fortifications.


The Heavy is the least useful class with toxic. The heavy is slow, and using his primary weapon makes him even slower. If you roll toxic as a heavy, and you are not near the front lines, chances are that the only use it will have will be deterring spies and/or invisible enemies. If you have the shotgun equipped, run at the enemy, firing the shotgun on the way. If not, get a good position inside the group of enemies, as much as possible, before you start firing.


If you are playing a defensive, turtling Engineer, the only use that rolling Toxic will have is warding away spies for 20 seconds. If you are an offensive engineer, however, especially with the Gunslinger, then rolling toxic is an excellent opportunity to clear out an area and establish a forward base. Build teleporters while your enemies are respawning - the more teammates you can get to your new position before the toxic runs out, the better. In either situation, take out your shotgun and try to get a few good meatshots - the toxic will do the rest.


If you have a full Ubercharge when you roll toxic, then, by all means, activate it and run at the enemy, especially if there is a sentry gun up ahead. If your healing target is a heavy, then leave him behind while your toxic clears out the room, then transfer the uber to him so he can take out any sentries in the room. If you have the KritzKrieg equipped instead, then you're out of luck - the toxic will do your job better than your charge. However, use it to your advantage, and save your charge for when you don't have a toxic cloud.


If you are a turtling sniper, as with the engineer, the toxic will be useless to you. Remember, Toxic does damage over an area close to your class, not where you aim/do damage. If you are a battle sniper, rush at the enemy, and try to pull of a few quick headshots, if you have the huntsman. If not, then spray them with your SMG, or throw jarate on them to speed along the toxic.


Spy is one of the best classes to have with toxic. When you roll toxic, immediately cloak and/or disguise, and get yourself behind enemy lines. The enemy team will be confused as to where the toxic is coming from, since they will be too panicked over the damage to spycheck their entire team. Backstab and/or sap where necessary.

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