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Roll the Dice (aka RTD) refers to a Sourcemod plugin which allows players to roll in order to gain special effects or features. RTD is a common mod in most Source Engine Games.

History of RTD Gaming

RTDgaming first launched in July 2009, by FoxMulder. He first played RTD in MCG Gaming servers and spend a good deal of time there but the server was only Dustbowl. Fox felt that RTD was a fresh change to TF2 and decided that he can improve on it by creating his own version of it. RTD Gaming was originally based off TF2: Roll the Dice 0.3. Since then it has been privately developed by Fox, Kilandor, and CarlZalph as the core developers. Some additions have been also developed by Czech. The code has grown to include over 50 custom Rolls and custom features such as Dice, Dice Perks, and Presents. The server and rolls are still in active development and suggestions for new rolls or other server input can be left on RTD Gaming.

How to Roll

Rolling is accomplished by opening your chat dialog in game then typing rtd into chat. Upon rolling a timer is started which is a delay until you can roll again. Servers may also have other restrictions such as only so many players can have a active roll, or so many players per team. It is highly Recommended that players bind a key for the Roll command as this allows fast use of the mod

Timer Reduction

The amount of time reduced for each point can vary depending on your dice level. As well as presents have a chance to reduce or increase roll time. This is one of the unique features to RTDgaming.

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