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A "regular server" generally refers to a TF2 server that is not heavily modded. They are also called 'vanilla' or 'stock' servers, though these names generally imply the lack of ANY game altering mods. Regular servers often may have spawn time reductions or other slight tweaks that don't majorly affect gameplay. This is in contrast to RTD, prophunt, surfing, and other such servers where the goals are completely different or major additions have been made to the game. Regular servers give a player the chance to learn basic game mechanics such as weapon strengths and weaknesses, positioning, and map objectives. Once a player has a decent grasp on these subjects they are able to focus on some of the superfluous aspects that an RTD server can provide. While the basic skills are still very important, learning the advantages that can be had by utilizing Roll the Dice can add a new dimension to the game. For this reason, a new player may feel overwhelmed or overly confused if an RTD server is first server a new player encounters.

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