Low Gravity

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Low Gravity

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Duration:20 seconds
QuickBuy:gravity ,grav ,lowgrav


The gravity of the player who rolls low gravity receives a lower than normal gravity setting, allowing them to jump or be knocked by explosions extremely high. Low Gravity can be very helpful in many situations. These include allowing engineers to reach areas that were previous inaccessible or difficult to build at quickly. It can help all classes to reach areas that are usually only reachable by demos, soldiers, and/or scouts. It can also be helpful to get dice that are in high locations if you are a class that does not have a unique jump.


There can be some disadvantages to this roll as well. A huntsman sniper can only fire while on the ground. If they jump or are hit by an explosion or other knock back they will be helpless to fight back with their bow. Any class with low HP (sniper, scout, engineer, spy) becomes a sitting duck for snipers and heavies when they are in the air. It is best to stay on the ground and avoid direct combat with one of these classes.

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