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Beginner's Guide to RTD

What is RTD?

RTD stands for Roll the Dice and it is a mod that can be implemented in source games such as TF2. It allows the user to roll the dice and receive a bonus (such as instant kills) or a penalty (such as 1hp). It is designed to make gameplay a bit more erratic and random resulting in crazy chaos and hilarious events. If this is your first time playing TF2 then I recommend playing on a regular server for a bit so that you can understand game play a bit better before you play on RTD. This way you can figure out mechanics, and strategy that don't revolve around relying on rolls.

How does it work?

Well you type rtd in chat and you either receive a good roll or a bad roll.

How are people rolling so fast? I have to type rtd manually every time.

If you wanted to roll the dice every time you pressed h, then in the developer console type bind h "say rtd".

Make sure to enable it by going to Options > Multiplayer > Advanced


What are credits?

Credits are used to buy things in the shop. You earn them by killing players, picking up presents that may contain a few credits, and you get 1 credit every minute. You can give credits to other players through the shop menu.

How do I "Buy" things?

Type "buy" to buy things. You'll get a menu that pops up, use 1 - 0 to navigate through it. Just read what it says, its pretty self explanatory. Remember, there is a credit limit of 100 per round to prevent rich players from destroying other teams.

What is RTV

RTV stands for rock the vote, its used when you want to change the map that is currently being played. You can also use "Nominate" to pick a map you want to play and other people can vote on it.

Bad Luck!

Chance Formula: 0.5 + amountOfBadRolls[client] + added_chance[client] = Chance

  • Every bad roll you receive increases amountOfBadRolls by 0.1

added_chance is determined by the Dice Perk You will receive a Good Roll if Chance > GetRandomFloat(0.0, 1.0)

Wait roll more often?

When you roll the dice, you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can roll again. Getting points by building, killing players, or helping your team out will reduce the time it takes before you can roll again.

What about Dice?

Detailed explanation: Dice Dice is like experience points or Reputation. You can collect dice by finding a die hidden in maps when they spawn, buying them for 50 credits, or by being an MVP when you team wins or being the top MVP when your team loses. Collect lots of dice to get special "Perks."

Perks? Like rolls?

Sort of. If you collect 20 dice, you gain more time reduction on your rolls per point you get. If you get 40 dice, you have a better chance at rolling. Heres a link to the list if you want to check it out:


If you have any ideas, the best place to put them is here: Make sure you read all of the rules about posting ideas and try to skim through all the topics so we don't have any repeat ideas (there are about 3 or 4 threads with the "fake dice" idea. It's a good idea, but it doesn't have to be stated 100 times.) Try to keep it balanced too. Is a "kill everyone on the other team instantly" roll fun? What if it happens to you?

Anything else I should know?

Go back to the first page and browse the Getting Started section!

Special Thanks

A0b3f5c84e0877a795d83cb980cf801b68c2f3e0 full.jpg A large portion of this guide was made by Spycheckme

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