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Dice refers to playing dice on the server which appear with a glow effect. Compared to Credits, which are generally earned by time played on the server, dice can be found by other methods than time played. They are collected by reaching their location which can be on the ground or in hard-to-reach places. On collecting a dice, that player's die count will appear to everyone in the chat window and they immediately receive crits for a short time, full ammo, and full health.

Dice Perks

As dice are collected, the player will be able to gain perks. These include such things as round end immunity, chances for better rolls, etc.

See the complete list of Dice Perks for all current dice levels.

How to Obtain Dice

Dice may be found in a variety of ways: finding, mining, buying, and earning.

Finding Dice
Every 10 minutes, a minimum of 4 dice will spawn at random locations on the map. These locations are not limited to the areas within the active stage in a multiple stage map (pl_goldrush, cp_dustbowl, etc.)and NoClip can be a valuable resource in collecting any outside the current stage. These spawned dice will appear with a glow particle effect similar to a crit sticky. They may appear in breakable barrels or even in the skybox or walls. They are most commonly found in corners, on high places, and under stairways. Often low gravity can aid in recovering dice if you are not a class that can reach high areas normally. As there are limited number of spawn locations in each map, one may learn them by experience and have a better chance at finding a dice when they spawn.
Dice Deposits can be mined and are usually near capture points or spawn gates.
Mining Dice
On most maps and stages, there will appear Dice Deposits. These are similar in appearance to the aforementioned dice but are encased in a crystal shell. Hitting your team's deposit with your melee weapon gives you a 5% chance to mine a dice. On mining a dice, the same effects are applied as the other methods, namely crits, health, and ammo. Each hit also will give you a slap in a random direction away from the dice mine. In the past, mining dice caused a slight loss of health with each hit. This was later removed. Currently, medics also receive 10% ubercharge with each hit. As these deposits are placed in strategic locations to encourage teams to push forward (near gates, flags, and capture points), they can recharge the medic's ubercharge quickly in a tight situation. Hitting an enemy dice deposit has no benefit but does not affect the player other than a text notification.
Buying Dice
The third way to gain dice is to purchase them with Credits. Dice cost 50 credits so it takes almost a complete hour of play to have earned enough credits to buy a dice. Buying dice once gave you the same perks as finding a dice, but after a patch, the perks were removed.
  • Earning Dice
    • Finally, players can earn dice by being an MVP.
    • 1 Extra Dice is added every 6 minutes that a round lasts.
    • There must be at least 6 players for dice to be given out in this method.
MVP Rank
Amount of Dice Rewarded
1st Place
2 + Extra Dice
2nd Place
1 + Extra Dice
3rd Place
Extra Dice
1st On Losing Team
1 + Extra Dice

If a round lasts 1 minute or less than only the 1st place MVP will receive dice.
For every 6 minutes that a round lasts an extra dice is awarded to the MVPs.

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