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Duration:Until Death


Special Notice

This roll has been removed and is no longer available

How to use

  1. To equip the roll press L or +USE
  2. While camouflaged you will deal NO damage and damage received will be reduced by 80%.
  3. To deal damage you have to unequip the camouflage by pressing L or +USE and then wait 2 seconds before being able to hurt others.


Disguises you into the enemy team. This roll cannot be rolled by Spies as it is useless to them.

  • There is a 10 second wait time before equipping/unequipping camouflage. This is to prevent abuse
  • You will disguise as a random enemy player
  • When it is rolled, the roll text will not be displayed in chat to the enemy team
  • Just like a disguised Spy, sentries will not target those that are camouflaged


  • Enemy Medics can heal you
  • While camouflaged you can not hurt enemies but you can still their buildings.
  • Camouflaged players will have no hats on which can make them very obvious.

Promo Code:

award rtd-0-camo


  • Original Idea by Bike ()
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