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Duration:9 seconds
Uses:3 activation(s)



Bombs have a large radius of inflicting its effects on to enemies.

Normal Bomb

Be scared of cows that stare you down
Can inflict up to 500 damage. The closer the enemy to the bomb the higher the damage.

Fire Bomb

Be scared of cows that stare you down
The fire bomb can have an initial blast of up to 25 damage and leaves a flame that lasts 3 seconds in its wake. Any players hurt by this bomb will be ignited.
Major difference between Fire Bombs and a Fireball is that the Fireball has a larger radius (800 vs 500) and deals 60 damage

Ice Bomb

Be scared of cows that stare you down
The Ice Bomb freezes enemies for 3 seconds and inflicts 10 damage.
Avoid launching all these bombs at once because once players are frozen there is a 3 second grace period before they can be frozen again.

General Bombing Tips

  • Damage goes through walls
  • Shooting the bombs with bullets allows you to move and knock back the bombs. Airblasting has no effect
  • Do not quickly spam all your bombs at once it makes them very ineffective, as you will have likely killed anyone around. Wait about 3 seconds between using each bomb.
  • Time a bomb thrown at the spawn gates so it explodes after the gates open.
  • Guard your bombs. Enemy teams that can disarm will have a lot more trouble if you keep pressure around the bomb area.
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