Bear Trap

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Bear Trap

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Duration:120 seconds
Uses:1 activation(s)



Stuns enemies for 3 seconds, and does some damage. Has 500 Health and can be destroyed by enemy players by dealing damage to it. Certain weapons however will not deal damage to it, examples would be any flame thrower or the huntsman


It's best to place traps in frequently used areas and tight corridors.


Your Trap makes enemies bleed
Cost: 1 Talent Point
Info: Makes enemies bleed for 4 seconds causing on average an extra 24 damage.
Biting Bear Trap
Cost: 1 Talent Point
Info: Bear Traps latches onto the enemy which stuns them (they can still move) and jolts them up into the air. The Bear Trap stops biting after 5 seconds and falls to the ground.
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