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Duration:Until Death



Backpacks contain Ammo and Health packs that automatically give its wearer an item when needed.

Upon rolling or purchasing a Backpack, it starts with 2 of each item.
A random item is added into your backpack for each point obtained by the wearer. The packs will automatically dispense the necessary item when at 75% or less for their respective needs.
There is a 3 second cooldown before the backpack can give another item.

Backpack Sizes


  • Pressing L (or whatever key your drop intel is bound to) will bring up a menu allowing you to drop a pack, or the whole backpack itself.
  • Pressing L rapidly twice will allow you to drop your backpack without using the menu.
  • Running over other Backpacks while already having one will add its contents to yours.
  • There is a Dice Perk that allows you to get 2 items per point
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