Angelic Dispenser

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Angelic Dispenser

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Holy art thee

Angelic Dispensers teleports to teammates in critical health and give an area health of +100 HP.


  • They do not provide constant healing like regular dispensers but instead give a large of amount of health to the wounded.
  • The Angelic Dispenser will try to teleport every 8 seconds
  • Only players with less than 35% of health have the potential of being saved
  • There is a 30 second cool off period before an Angelic Dispenser teleports to the same player
  • Once teleported to a wounded player any nearby teammates receive +100 HP as well
  • Every 5 seconds they heal themselves (+20 HP)
  • The Angelic Dispenser will try to teleport to its owner first before considering other players.


Perk Cost Perk Description
Larger Heal 1 Heals +150 HP (default +100 HP)
Reduced Cooldown 1 5s Cooldown period (default 8s)
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